Our plans for 2015/16

We realize that it has been some time since we last communicated with you and shared an update on our programme. A lot is going on behind the scenes, even though it may not look like it from where you’re standing!

You may remember that this past 2014-2015 year we did not have a fundraising campaign. This was in part due to challenges in communication between our team and our partner organization in Togo. They have been going through some restructuring, and had been making some unilateral decision making, so as sponsors to the Education 4 All program, we thought it best to step back and reassess our role, impact, and partnership in the region of Namaré.

Our goal: Girls’ empowerment

We stand firm in our principal goal: to provide access to primary education for girls in rural areas that otherwise struggle to find education opportunities in remote areas. We are working tirelessly to ensure that our program is received positively by the girls and the communities that we help to support, and will be working closely with our partners at REJED to see that the Education 4 All program is carried out in a way that is empowering to girls, and sustainable within the communities.

Our team

As it is, Nukoko Education has been going through its own reconfiguration. In 2013, Kanika Gupta had to resign as Director because of health issues, and while we are happy to say that she is now healthy and remaining in an advisory role, it has been a time of transition for us, as we get used to working without her. We have also lost some of our volunteers over the last year and so our capacity has been limited, which has meant that our progress has been slower.

Our priorities over the next year

However, our goals remain large! We have been working to revamp the website (our old one is still live, but rest assured we will be letting you know as soon as the new site is up!), as well as to give our own organization an evaluation, look at our mandate and our goals going forward, and ways in which we can improve the work that we do. We are also working with the Canada Revenue Agency on an application to receive charitable taxation status, something we know our many donors will appreciate.

Any feedback you may have at this time is welcome. Please fill out the contact form.

We want to thank each and every one of you who continues to spread the word about what we do, and who has always supported us. Keep posted over the summer for updates on our next moves, and our upcoming campaign!

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch. We will respond as soon as possible.

Jenn Rossiter,
Education 4 All Program Coordinator