Did you know that education adds 10% a year to a person’s wages?

Did you know that education adds 10% a year to a person’s income?

A study conducted in 2004 found that each extra year of education adds at least 10% to a person’s wages. Since then, we have also learned the many impacts of education: higher economic growth, better governance, lower infant mortality rates, fewer instances of HIV/AIDS and a higher probability of one’s children getting an education.

We work really hard at Nukoko Education each year to ensure that all of the girls in the community of Namare will gain all of these benefits – so that they will break the cycle of poverty and have a greater impact on their community.

A small fee of $30 will allow a girl in Togo to attend school for a whole year! What better return on investment is there?

You can also support Education 4 All by donating in smaller sums:

  • $5 provides school supplies for one girl (pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil crayons & notebooks)
  • $10 provides textbooks for one girl (math and reading)
  • $20 provides supplies, textbooks and a backpack for one girl
  • $30 provides the entire package for one girl for a full school year (fees, supplies, textbooks, backpack and teaching manuals)

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