Our Story

Nukoko Education’s History

Nukoko Education launched in 2007 to support the tremendous efforts of local youth groups working in rural communities in Togo.

In 2007, Kanika Gupta completed an overseas volunteer internship in Togo, West Africa. The experience inspired her to form Nukoko, an organization that would increase education access for young girls and contribute to community development. Five years later, we continue to accomplish these goals.

Says Kanika, “I had the privilege of going to Togo to work on a micro-finance project. While there, I crossed paths with the well-respected Togolese-based organization, Le Réseau des Jeunes pour le Développement (REJED). I was inspired by how this entirely volunteer-led, youth-run organization was able to self-organize a variety of community development projects across their country.

While in the village of Namaré, I learned that less than 30% of girls attended primary school. I decided at that point that something needed to change. I founded Nukoko Education, and with REJED, laid the ground-work for the Education 4 All project. Since then, we have expanded our focus to include advocacy and youth empowerment here in Canada.

Looking to the future, I hope Nukoko Education carries out its programs and public interactions with the same guiding principles and values that have defined it since inception. As the team grows, it will undoubtedly shape the organization, but I do hope that it continues to operate with ideals of inclusiveness, facilitating local capacity building, youth development and empowerment.”

In 2013, Kanika stepped down as Director of Nukoko Education, but continues to actively support the organisation in an advisory role.