Our Vision

We are a volunteer-based, global partnership working together to promote access to education for all children, particularly girls, around the world.

Our Mandate

Abroad, our programs, like Education 4 All, promote education and empowerment for girls, while contributing to community development by collaborating with local organisations.

At home, we raise awareness about the benefits of increasing girls’ access to, and completion of, primary school.

Why Togo?

Like many countries in West Africa, Togo is working to improve access to education for all school-aged children. Girls in particular face daily challenges at school. This means that they may experience harassment, violence, teacher bias, and scarce support. Early marriage and pregnancy are also common.

The Savannah, a largely agricultural area in northern Togo where Nukoko Education works with local partners, is one of the country’s poorest regions. Girls struggle to attend and remain in school in this region, with early marriage, domestic and farming duties often taking precedence over education.

Our Objectives

Nukoko Education launched the program with REJED in 2007 to tackle the gender gap in access to schooling in northern Togo.

In addition to spreading awareness and raising funds for girls’ education in Togo, Nukoko Education also aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the United Nation’s Development Program’s Millennium Development Goal 2 (to promote gender equality) and Millennium Development Goal 3 (to achieve universal primary education).
  • Empower youth, particularly girls, by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve social goals;
  • Engage youth locally and abroad; and
  • Advance community development and capacity building

Learn more about our Education 4 All programme.