Education 4 All Program

Nukoko Education’s goal is to increase access to primary education for girls in areas of the world where the gender parity gap in education is at its greatest. Our Education 4 All program successfully facilitates this aim.

Where we focus our support

The Education 4 All program aims to support girls in and around the rural community of Namaré, located in the northwest of Togo, where literacy and primary school completion rates are at their lowest. We believe that by ensuring access to schooling, along with ongoing community engagement, girls are encouraged to attend school and achieve academic success.

  1. We sponsor school fees and supplies for girls entering and continuing through primary school.
  2. We aim to subsidize fees for all girls in our three non-state schools, in addition to providing classroom supplies and kits for every girl in each of the remaining two participating state schools.
  3. All schools also receive annual supplies, such as first aid kits, geometry sets and chalk.

Working with the community

Nukoko Education currently supports five schools in the district of Namaré, Northern Togo, under the Education 4 All program – Nandjak, Liyietielou, Namaré Centre, Tchakounkonkong and Bouyeme

We work closely with REJED, who undertakes three site visits a year to Namaré; in October to distribute supplies, in January to check in, and in June at the end of the school year.

At each site visit, REJED tours the school and discusses with school officials any issues impeding the girls’ attendance. They also conduct information sessions on health literacy, sexual health and HIV prevention, family planning and ICT. After the site visit, REJED reports back to the Nukoko Education team – we discuss their site visit and feedback from the community, and determine if any action needs to be taken prior to the next visit.


Our Impact

Because of Education 4 All, over 600 girls annually benefit from increased access to education.

A full program evaluation was conducted in 2013. Read the full report.

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